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Complete your Time to Pet account before any consultations or visits so we can then go through this information with you at any time. Create an account here or log in to your existing account.

Naturally, there is also some information we require to care for your pets.  It may seem like we ask a lot of questions but this enables us to care for them as best as we possibly can.  The more information you give us the better.

Time to Pet can be used on any internet browser on any device or via the Time to Pet app which can be downloaded on any Android or iOS device.

There is also a great video that explains everything check it out here.

PLEASE NOTE: We operate a 24/7 pet care service but all admin, including consultations, responding to messages and processing bookings, cancellation and change requests are addressed Mon-Fri 9am – 6pm

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Get to know your Time to Pet Account

There are 5 different sections of your Time to Pet account. Below we have outlined how these should be used to make the most out of this handy system.  Adhering to these guidelines will ensure that we have all the information we need to provide the best care for your little ones and process all your bookings efficiently.


Here we will send you updates after every service. You can also ask us questions and have general chitchat about your little ones.

Any care instructions for your home or pet should not be added in the conversation but in the MY INFO and PETS sections as outlined below.

No bookings should be made through the conversation, simply use the “SCHEDULE” section.  All cancellations and changes must be made through the SCHEDULE section also.


My Info

**It is vital to keep your mandatory COVID-19 fields up to date as stated within our Terms and Conditions.  Your help here is very much appreciated in keeping us all safe**

Here you can add details about you and your home. Supply as much information as you feel we need to provide the service you require.

Minimal fields are mandatory but we ask that you give us everything we need so we don’t have to bother you or your emergency contacts when your pet is in our care.

If you have not supplied us with all the information we require we, unfortunately, may not be able to complete the service.


Each pet has their own section and you can easily add new pets too.

Here you let us know everything we need about feeding, behaviour, commands, vets, the location of supplies and much more.

Remember, the clear and precise the information you supply us the better service we will be able to provide.

If you have not supplied us with all the information we require we will use our common sense and experience to complete the service to the best of our abilities.

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In the schedule, you can see ALL your services past and present and who your carer is for that service.

You can also book in new services. Either a single visit or multiple ones. It is important that requests are made through this section where possible so they are flagged appropriately at our end.

If you cannot find the service you need feel free to message us. If a date shows as NO TIMES AVAILABLE we may be fully booked but drop us a note.

You are required to also request cancellations and change requests through your schedule.


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You can view past and future invoices in real-time.

You can download all invoices.  You can currently pay cash or via bank transfer using the bank details we can supply you.

Invoices are automatically emailed out and the end of every month.

We do not, as standard, ask for any deposit.

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