Frequently Asked Questions

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Most Common FAQs

We charge an additional £6.50 for care visit after 7pm in the evenings or anytime on a Sunday.

All bank holidays are charged at double the standard rate.

We sometimes will also add additional charges for administering medications and any other additional chores such as watering plants, vet visits, purchasing supplies etc.  These are assessed at the time.

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We hold full pet business insurance for all our carers.

We ask that bookings only be made when your plans are confirmed.

We are unable to swap services but if you request a change to service more than 7 days in advance we can cancel and re-book your service requests without you incurring any fee.

All bookings must be made through your Time To Pet account.  However if the service you require is on-going i.e week by week, then we do offer a auto-renewing schedule.  Please speak to management if you wish to set up a auto-renewing schedule.

We are not animal trainers so we don’t provide training techniques.  We will however follow any instructions given to us through the APP.  If your dog has training techniques then we are happy to apply these during walks.

Only with permission through your Time To Pet account will carers walk dogs off lead.  All new dogs will start on the lead until the carer is comfortable to walk off the lead.

Yes we do walk female dogs on heat or in season however these walks are solo only and are charged at our solo rate.

Yes we do walk reactive dogs however these walks will be solo only and will be charged at our solo rate.

We are certified COVID-19 pet carers and have updated our policies and procedures in line any guidelines and will be reviewing those guidelines on a regular basis.

Whenever we get  new client we are a free consultation before any services start.  The management visit you and discuss your requirements and how your care services will operate.

Everyone has an account on our pet management system called TIME TO PET.  You can request an account by clicking here.

Once you have an account all correspondence, invoicing, updates, bookings and chatter happen through Time to Pet.

Check out the TIME TO PET page for more info on how to get the best out of this handy web-based and mobile app system.


Payment can be made at any time by cash or BACS.  Copies of all invoices can be found in your TIME TO PET account.

Always book in your services as soon as your know your plans as we operate on a first come first served basis.

If you require a regular schedule please speak to us about setting this up for you.

We limit ourselves to four dogs per walker to any one walk maximum.  More often than not our groups are smaller than that and more intimate.  This enables us to bond with each dog and give them all some 1-on-1 care and attention.

Pop-in cat care or small animal care is allocated for a maximum of 30 minutes each visit.

Dog walks are 60 minutes or longer and 1-on-1 dog sitting jobs can be booked from 30 minutes upwards.

Our live-in services are designed where dogs are not left for longer than 3-4 hours.  If you require more 1-on-1 care during a live-in please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our live-in services for cats are more flexible on timings but our carers are always at your home for periods during the day and evenings plus overnight.

All our services are listed on this website here.

You can also see any additional services we provide listed on the price list.

Click here for our full price-list.

We ask that you give us every piece of information you feel we require to take care of your little ones.  There are some mandatory fields but most are optional.

It is very important to us that you complete the TIME TO PET app thoroughly.

There is no need to leave paper notes or email/message us outside of TIME TO PET once you have an account.  It is designed to allow us all to have access to all the info we require to take the best care of your pets.  Use MY INFO for your details and PETS for details of your animals.

If you cancel any services with more than 7 days notice you will not incur any fees.  Cancellation fees will apply within 7 days at 50% and within 24 hours 100%.

Walks fall under two categories – group walks or solo walks.  There are three group walks on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – these walks are morning, lunchtime and afternoon and are charged at our group rate.  All other walks including walks on the weekends and evenings are solo walks and are charged at our solo walk rate.

Groups walks are for sociable dogs to run free and play with each other with their carers.  We walk a maximum of 4 dogs per walker but more often than not these groups are smaller and more intimate.

There are 3 groups walk a day Monday-Friday.  morning, lunchtime and early afternoon.  Any walks booked outside these times are classed as solo walks and are charged as such.

Solo walks are designed for dogs that require more attention, are reactive, in season or are booked outside of the group walk times (e.g. Saturday, Sunday)

For dog sitting no transport is required.  Your carer looks after your pet at your home and if required walks dog locally to you.

For dog walking your dog can be transported in our vehicles to parks or green spaces.  The time taken for transport/pick-up and drop-off are not part of the 60 minute walks.

You will always receive and update after every care visit with your pet.  Our carers will update you (frequently with pictures) on how the visit went.

These updates occur after the visit when it is safe and convenient for the carer to do so.  This may not always be the scheduled end time of the visit/walk etc.